Monday, 25 May 2015

Hello again,

Exam tomorrow! things are looking a bit sketchy - trying to revise oxidative phosphorylation is difficult ( especially in the detail i'm expected to go into). I feel so sorry for anyone else out there also revising or having to sit an exam - if you want some procrastinatory tips, i have many. Including (believe it or not) googling memes about doing revision ... yeah - i'm so cool...

Post exam, i think the plan is to get fairly tipsy and have a good night :) i'm not against this at all - sounds fun to me! So looking forward to my 3 days of freedom before work nab me for the summer - dreading it so much, wondering if it'd just be better to quit and be done with it rather than have a stress filled 'holiday' period.

Also in the process of moving out of my uni house (a blessing i think more than anything). I have(d) 5 flatmates. One's moved out, ones an ex boyfriend who's now gay and whose boyfriend virtually lives here permanently now (don't get the wrong idea, i'm sure it'd upset you if such things happened to you also), one is quite off with me 90% of the time, one wont talk to you unless you're male and flirt with her and one is alright to me actually. 1 out of 5 - result? perhaps not :/ sucks a bit tbh - uni's ok if, unlike me, you can get along with any kind of human life throws at you. I would consider myself very much the person that one gets an acquired taste for - definitely not for everyone - perhaps like the marmite  or beer of the human world. You have no idea how much the cakes and fizzy drinks of the human world are envied by me. Metaphorically speaking of course.

So ... off to bed - hope you enjoy reading my ramblings. Goodnight, dear reader.

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